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Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

our aim is to:


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4 Million

Sales people globally with no sales training talking to prospects.


Of sales managers do not have the time to coach their team.


Of sales people missed their annual quota last year.

Our Services

Closers Ace is your one stop shop for all things sales. We aim to increase employee retention and performance by offering the following solutions:

Sales Recruitment

As exclusive recruiters specialising in sales roles, we seamlessly align with your objectives, understanding your organisational values and culture to ensure the right candidate is placed first time.

Our distinctive advantage lies in giving tailored sales training to all shortlisted candidates allowing them to hit the ground running. 

Sales Coaching

With our effective coaching strategies, your team will not only acquire essential skills but also imbed the habits necessary for long-term success in the competitive business landscape.

Our coaching approach is versatile, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it's one-on-one sessions for personalised guidance or group settings for a collaborative learning experience, our methods adapt to the dynamics of your team. 

Sales Training

70% of sales professionals have never undergone any formal sales training. So, invest in your team's success and watch as they master the art of selling & closing with our tailored, industry-specific training.

Experience transformative learning through our one or three-day courses designed to propel your sales force to new heights. 

Strategy Consultancy

Wanting to elevate your business to new heights or seek the catalyst for success? Explore our specialised services tailored for sustainable success. Unleash effective sales strategies,  optimise your Learning and Development (L&D) processes and/or build an effective recruitment model with our expert guidance. Drive your team towards unparalleled success and growth with our comprehensive solutions.

Be the leader of your own journey.
Continuous training will result 
in 2X
higher performance.

Ace Insights

Hear top tips and insights from industry leading figures. To keep up to date with new content, don't forget to subscribe. 

Tom Luke: Mastering Cross Selling & Up-Selling

Get to Know Us

Our mission is to change the perception of sales, to create sustainable success and improve employee retention. 

Our vision, is to be your partner of choice. From initial recruitment to continual professional development and sales strategy.

Closers Ace Key Values:

Be Value Driven

Build Rapport

Provide a Solution

Deliver a 5* Journey

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