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In sales, it is well known that people buy from people. With this in mind, we at Closers Ace believe that our best marketing tools is hearing what past clients, many now friends, have to say about the sale and leadership training courses we have led.

“My experience with Tom has been a pleasure. Before meeting Tom I was shy and struggled with rapport building which are the two things not ideal for a 'salesperson'. After Toms assistance for around 1 year I have learnt to be confident, knowledgeable in sales and extroverted allowing me to build good working relationships with clients which helps the sales process. Without Tom's guidance I can certainly say I would not have been able to succeed as I have. I would like to say a massive thank you and would recommend him again and again.”

- Jade Tyler; Property Account Manager Dubai

"Tom Luke is an amazing trainer. Full of energy and life. Always getting all of the team involved and having lots of fun."

- Emily Westwood; High End Sales Consultant B2C

"I have been in Retail Management for over 15 years, yet, Tom Luke continued to inspire and impress me with his dedication, presentation & enthusiasm. I saw my team prosper from the training given by Tom. "

- Mark Fruin; Regional Store Manager 

"Tom's capturing of an audience is second to none. His knowledge and passion for client relationships and sales is evident. One meeting with Tom Luke and you will see he can benefit any team. My team where motivated and became pro-active and we saw a clear turn around in their results as a result of Tom."

- Darcy Philip; General Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with Tom. He was very easy to work with, Tom was excellent at communicating. I was impressed with his knowledge, I would be happy to recommend him."

- Nicola Haw; Sales & Marketing Director

"As a new business we needed a head start in the right direction. Tom & his team where exceptional. The continued support after the initial sessions also where invaluable."

- Jay Wara; Independent Business owner 

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