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Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

Your Exclusive 
Recruitment Partner

Closers Ace is passionate about understanding candidates for their transferable skills, values and fit with your company culture. 


As an exclusive recruitment partner on retainer, we really get to know your business, team, culture and needs. We then enable you to hire the correct person to increase retention and of course profit. 

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Larger Pool

Closers Ace have an extensive networks and databases of potential candidates, which can be difficult for a company to access on their own. This can help to expand the candidate pool and increase the likelihood of finding a qualified candidate.

reduced risk

A bad hire can be costly for a company, both in terms of time and resources. Closers Ace has processes in place to mitigate this risk, such as thorough candidate screening and reference checks.


Closers Ace have experienced recruiters who are skilled at screening and selecting candidates based on a company's specific needs and values. This can save a company time and resources in the hiring process, as they can rely on the recruitment company to identify the most qualified candidates.

time saving

Hiring can be a time-consuming process, particularly if a company does not have a HR team or dedicated hiring staff. By outsourcing the hiring process to Closers Ace, a company can free up their own resources to focus on other business priorities.


Closers Ace can offer a range of recruitment services, from full-service recruitment to temporary staffing and contract placement. This can provide a company with the flexibility to scale their hiring efforts up or down as needed.


Closers Ace will give one day of sector specific sales training to all shortlisted candidates before handing them over to you for the formal interview. This way, we can assess and ensure that all shortlisted candidates have the foundation skills needed for the role.

Our Programmes:

Exclusive Ace

A retainer agreement. We will advertise, screen and shortlist. Before introductions, the shortlisted candidates will have a day of sector specific sales training. 

Inclusive Ace Plus 

Closers Ace can be your complete recruitment partner. We will handle the entire recruitment process including ob-boarding. Your candidates will meet you for the first time on their first day at your company, trained and motivated. 

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