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Salesforce recently reported that 80% of high-performing sales teams say they would rate their training as very good or outstanding. Yet Uplead report that companies will spend an average of £9,000 - 14,000 on one new hire but only £1800 in sales training a year.
(dooly / salesforce / uplead)

Closers Ace presents Closers Bootcamp. A one or three day training bootcamp in your corporate premises where the focus is to train and coach your team into motivated, passionate and profitable closers. 

Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment. - Sales coaching uk and london

Sales Bootcamp

Available across the B2B and B2C sectors our bootcamps are designed to give intensive thought provoking practical training to ensure best practice. 


Our bootcamps come as one and three day courses, delivered within your company premises. It is tailored to your goals and needs to ensure a truly rewarding experience. 

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The average company will spend between
£9,000 - 14,000 on a each new hire.
But only £1800 a year on skills training.

Keeping your sales teams motivated and up-skilled is vital to ensuring prosperous growth. Sales training courses can equip your sales team with the skills and knowledge they need to close more deals, build stronger customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales professionals Retail

Sales Professionals Corporate

Sales Management

What to expect:

One Day Corporate Bootcamp

Our one day course covers foundation sales techniques including: closing principles, client rapport, mindset, qualifying a lead, objection handling and client psychology. 

Three Day Corporate Bootcamp

Our three day course covers all of the above as well as advanced techniques. Such as sales psychology, body language, selling a brand, day two & buyers remorse and delivery of a pitch. 

All of the above programmes can be tailored to your team, this will be discussed during our initial discovery call. 

Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

Account Management

Morning Session:


1. Introduction and Overview

2. Understanding Customer Needs

3. Building Rapport and Trust

Afternoon Session:


4. Effective Communication and Negotiation Skills

5. Product Knowledge and Sales Techniques

6.Time Management and Organisation Skills

Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

Sales Manager

Morning Session:


1. Introduction and Icebreaker Activity
2. Sales Management Fundamentals

3. Sales Pipeline Management

4. Sales Team Motivation


Afternoon Session:


5. Sales Coaching Techniques and effective review programmes

6. Sales Performance Metrics

7. Sales Forecasting and Planning

8. Closing and Evaluation

Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

Retail Sales Foundations

Morning Session:

1. Introduction

2. Understanding the Sales Process

3. Consumer Profiles

4. Effective Communication Skills


Afternoon Session:


5. Upselling and Cross-selling

6. Closing Techniques

7. Customer Service

8. Role-playing Exercises

9. Conclusion

Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitmentng

Corporate Sales Foundations

Morning Session:

1. Introduction and Icebreaker

2. Understanding the Sales Process

3. Effective Sales Techniques

4. Sales Planning and Preparation

Afternoon Session:


5. Understanding Customer Behaviour

6. Effective Communication Skills

7. Sales Follow-up and Customer Retention

8. Wrap-up and Q&A

Note: The above schedules are an example, the content and timing can be adjusted based on the specific needs and goals of the session. Book a free consultation to discuss further. 

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Mark Fruin, Regional Store Manager

"I have been in Retail Management for over 15 years, yet, Tom Luke continued to inspire and impress me with his dedication, presentation & enthusiasm. I saw my team prosper from the training given by Tom. "

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