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Tom Luke

World Class Speaker, Motivator, Educator & Consultant.

"We are on a mission to increase employee retention, implement a positive culture and fulfil potential within sales teams."

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The Story.

At the tender age of 16, Tom Luke embarked on his professional journey, assuming the role of a maths and english tutor at a centre for children. However, his entrepreneurial spirit had already been ignited at the age of 11, where he immersed himself in the buying and selling of items at car boot sales. Earning the nickname 'Del Boy' Tom demonstrated an innate passion for unearthing hidden treasures.

For university, Tom studied product and furniture design. Fuelled by a passion for addressing consumer challenges and designing out solutions to enhance consumers lives. Tom learnt how to understand his audience and craft something to enhance their experience. Merging this interest with his work within hospitality, he transitioned into roles that blended design principles with the art of salesmanship.

A pivotal moment unfolded in Tom's career when, after a mere four months with a new employer, both his manager and a fellow sales colleague together stated that he was not right for sales. The reasons they threw out were dismissed by Tom as baseless and generalised, igniting a desire to prove his colleague's wrong. With motivation to prove something, Tom negated the political ladder and soon emerged as top seller and was referred to by his team as 'The Peoples Champ'. Catching the eye of the companies training team (a department which soon got axed) Tom was consulting on coaching programmes and giving regular training sessions to wider colleagues. Yet, a disparaging comment from a peer, suggesting that new hires would not be in their role long enough to bother remembering their name, served as a catalyst for Tom's resolve to effect change.

Determined to disrupt the cycle of sales personnel, Tom ascended through managerial roles in various corporate settings, ultimately attaining the esteemed position of Global Sales Director. Despite reaching this pinnacle, a sense of unfulfilled influence propelled him to establish Closers Ace, marking the commencement of his mission to revolutionise the perception and culture of global sales.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tom Luke takes pride in being a neurodiverse founder, navigating the challenges posed by ADHD and dyslexia. An advocate for neurodiversity in the professional landscape, Tom frequently imparts insights on launching and managing a business while embracing neurodivergent perspectives.


Available globally for keynote speaking and motivation talks. 

07700 156 977

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