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Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment. - sales consultancy uk and london

Strategy Consultants

Closers Ace works with businesses to assess, evolve & ensure sustainable success through ensuring your people development plans, sales strategy and recruitment model are correct.


But this will not feel like an external consultant, we want to be an integral part of your family. We will understand your product or service like it was our own and ensure your onboarding and continued development plans reflect this passion. 

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Mentoring & Reporting

We empower our business, clients & people through our teams. Yet often with fast growth, business acceleration can often out perform the internal structures for your team and their development.

Closers Ace is here to ensure continued success by working alongside your team & managers in their day to day routines to ensure they have the skills equipped to continue growth and a service which is second to none. 

We will work alongside your team as an integrated consultant to fully understand peaks and valleys, to determine the best route for success. Both on an individual or team level.

Closers Ace Sales Recruitment and sales coaching - Sales Consultants
Closers Ace Sales Recruitment and sales coaching - Sales Consultants

Full Integration

Companies who go through growth need to develop their learning & development department, often spending millions in training materials and development plans.


A growing customer facing business will need to employ three new trainers to develop training materials & deliver them to the growing team. On average, this will cost £120,000 annually in wages alone. Not to mention, software implementation, expenses and loss of revenue when training internally. By utilising the current knowledge & resources of Closers Ace, we can ensure a speedy & results driven service implemented into your current systems.

As your business develops, you will need to expand and develop your learning and development division ensuring you are investing in the right people. ROI is what makes the business wheel go round, it is more cost effective to retain and develop current teams than to hire new members.

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