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Closers Ace Sales Training and Recruitment

About us

Discover the history the Ace, what it stands for and our values. 

Learn about what Closers Ace will bring to your business.

History of the Ace

(Always Closing Effectively)

The earliest card games where seen across China, Arabia & Persia. Back then the Ace was the lowest valued card in the pack.

During C15th when card games moved to Europe, the French introduced the royal cards and the Ace then renamed Deuce. Seeing a promotion in value, it sat between the 10 and Jack.

From C17th onwards the Ace received a further promotion to the highest valued card in the pack to allow it to connect to both the King and the 2. 

This metaphor is the core of Closers Ace. No matter if you are a beginner or mid-weight all members of Closers Ace will become the most valued member of their teams, promoting themselves by:

The reason

Sales is a competitive field, but it can also be the most rewarding. Few people decide as children that they want to be salespeople, therefore they often start their careers with little experience of how to effectively win clients and close a deal. Closers Ace was built on three challenges identified by Tom Luke in the industry: 


70% of all sales people have not had any formal training using skills they self taught themselves from positive and negative experiences, this would not be allowed in any other sector. We should be investing and appreciating our sales peoples, both in retail and corporate. After all, without these people there would be no economy. 


The customer experience was once the pinnacle of retail shopping and field account managers. But through one reason or another, this customer experience is almost none existent. It is no longer a priority to create an unforgettable and profitable experience. This is important for the customer but also the sales person. 


The sales sector is notorious for having some of the lowest retention rates in business. We hire people, throw them into roles with no training and high expectations and if they seem dispensable, we replace. 

This hurts the sales cycle, brand identify and customer experience.

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